Remember when your teacher would assign a book to read and drilled into everyone’s heads make sure you read the forward? Raise your hand if you said “Fuck that,” and skipped right to page 1.

If you’ve taken the time to read the forward you know it contains a wealth of insightful information that gives context and clarity to a piece. So why do we skip it? 

Because we want the juicy parts upfront. We want the action, horror, drama, and romance to begin as soon as we open the book. However, this can mean we overlook key context clues and miss out on the depth of the story. And that’s where Book & Bitch comes in. 

Book & Bitch is a bi-monthly podcast that combines all the juicy bits of the book with the insightfulness of the forward. Highlighting author backstories (spoiler alert: it’s often dramatic) with cultural context and writing theory, we’re the book club you’ve always wanted to join. 

So grab your favorite book and come bitch with us.

A podcast that’s like the book club you’ve always wanted to join.